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What is customer experience?
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About the eBook

About the eBook

Do you have a website for your business? Perhaps you’ve spent a lot of money with an agency to get one that looks great, or maybe you built it yourself. It doesn’t matter who created it. What matters is whether  it's growing your business by attracting visitors and converting them into customers.

Today, and especially in the COVID world, many interactions happen online. Understanding how your potential customers find and interact with your business across digital platforms is essential to any business. It helps you  create a positive customer experience, connect with clients and get them to trust your business. As a result, you’ll improve your sales.

What is customer experience?

Customer experience is how people interact with your brand. Whenever a customer visits your website, they’re having an experience. The quality of their experience has a significant impact on conversion rates. Better experience leads to higher conversions, making users come back and perform the desired action.

How do you improve your customer experience?

To understand your digital experience,you first have to understand who your customers are and how they behave. Putting your customer at the centre of your business, will help you understand their frustrations, expectations and needs. Once you understand them and the experience they expect you can improve the customer journey.

Mapping the customer journey

Mapping out the user's path and journey through an experience, such as your website, will help you understand the paths the customer needs to take. You can also mark points of improvement and note key metrics on the journey. There are many tools you can use to understand how users interact with your website, including Google analytics and heat mapping.

Improve your customer experience with your free ebook

In our eBook, we’ve put together information about conversion rate, how to improve it and convert website visitors into customers. You get  valuable tips on how to influence users to take the desired actions in your digital product.

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Thanks to Human Digital's hard work, new inquiries and leads have been coming through the website. The website traffic has also increased by 40% since launch. The team managed to deliver the output in a timely manner. They were both quick and efficient.
Human Digital was a flexible partner, engaging the client’s ideas throughout the engagement to foster collaboration. The team cost-effectively delivered a website that satisfied stakeholder expectations.
Working with Human Digital has been incredible. I'm very happy with how the website is coming along. I'm extremely grateful that we've made it happen because the website in my opinion, is leaps and bounds from my competitors.

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