Web Dev & App Integration for Strength & Training Facility

Dynamo Athletic

December 2020


A strength and conditioning facility engaged Human Digital to establish their presence online. Human Digital developed a website with e-commerce abilities and integrated the product with a mobile application.


Dynamo was looking to attract more customers to their Sydney gym.  They also wanted to integrate their class booking system to reduce the admin associated with bookings and payments.


Human Digital built a website that integrates with our app. After COVID, we had to check the number of members in the gym every hour. We had an app that members used to book into sessions, and Human digital connected it with the new website. They also built e-commerce capabilities into the site. Their team hosts the website and provides monthly maintenance.


The client was absolutely blown away by the project’s cost. He has friends in business who spent significantly more on their websites. He was impressed by how the team attended to all of his ideas. He felt comfortable because he didn’t use jargon or made him feel stupid. He had a really positive experience.

"Human Digital was incredibly accommodating."

"Human Digital was a flexible partner, engaging the client’s ideas throughout the engagement to foster collaboration. The team cost-effectively delivered a website that satisfied stakeholder expectations. Their clear and frequent communication ensured a successful and transparent partnership."


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