Alex Weiss


Alex Weiss

Alex Weiss loves looking at things so much; he decided to make more things to look at.

"Design is easy when you spend every second of your day wondering why something looks the way it does. I’ve spent 22 years looking and wondering, and 10 of those years have been dedicated to adding my part."

His exposure to art history has not only equipped him with knowledge of over a thousand paintings and sculptures but has also inspired his personal artistic pursuits. Digital art, handcrafted sculptures, and paintings are just a few mediums where Alex's creativity manifests. Though he keeps some digital pieces to himself, each one is a testament to his evolving style and artistic exploration.

Branching out from art and media, Alex's penchant for capturing moments is evident in his photographs of sunsets and panoramic views. The business side of Alex is just as impressive: with proficiency in spreadsheet analytics, he seamlessly blends creativity with data-driven insights. This balance reflects in his numerous slide decks, underscoring his enthusiasm for media sales. Amid all these, personal projects like tattoo designs and a custom jacket give us a glimpse of Alex's unique flair and individuality.


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