Nic van Rooy

Creative Lead

Nic van Rooy

Nics desire to create began during childhood; from filling margins with illustrations to building robots out of broken radios. It never really stopped…

He made his first website at age 9 and was making photoshop tutorials for adults by 12. In short, a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts Majoring in Design from Wintec, 6+ years agency experience and 10+ years freelance/contract work are some of the more metric proof of a life lived creatively.

"The adaptability, patience and perseverance I’ve learnt as a father carry over brilliantly into my professional life. My sons youthful joy, lack of bias and fresh outlook are something I connect with regularly to ground my work."

The concepts and creative executions I’ve produced for clients are a testament to my passion and skill. I enjoy crafting clean, edgy and innovative design, unique creative directions and considered approaches to information and it’s portrayal.


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