Human Digital Colours

Introducing the new Human Digital colours
May 5, 2021

Colour theory explains about how as humans we perceive colours. It is the art and science of using a colour. In colour theory, colours are organised on a colour wheel and grouped into primary, secondary and tertiary colours.

The colours chosen by the brand Human Digital is Pure Black, Petrol, Lilac and Off-White. These colours also represents or helps invoke different human emotions as stated below:

Black communicating sophistication, elegance and strength.

Purple communicating nobility, ambition, creativity and dignity.

White communicating peace, goodness and purity.

As we have been redesigning — refreshing and updating our materials and identity, the aim was to bring all these concepts into a minimal and elegant approach where it communicates the modern age and minimalism by using soft colours in contrast with black.

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Thays Biodere
UX/Web Designer
Human Digital | The Experience Design Agency
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