Three Tips for B2B Manufacturers to Increase Sales

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April Ko
December 8, 2020

e love seeing our B2B manufacturer clients like Washtech thrive, and wanted to share our three tips for getting more sales for other manufacturers.

1) Know Your Audiences

The steps of your sales funnel may vary depending on your business, but the key for B2B manufacturers is to fully understand your audiences at every step, not just the clients that you’re making your sales to.

From wholesalers and distributors, to dealers and stores, all the way down to your end customer, make sure everyone in your company knows the motivations, behaviours, wants, and needs of your audiences at each step. This will help with product development, relationship building, targeted marketing, and more, which will all lead to more sales.

>> Steps you can take to achieve this:

  • Assess and refine your current strategy materials - Do you have your product’s journey mapped and target consumer profiles for each step?
  • Engage in workshops with your team - Talk through questions like what’s the difference between what your dealers need and what your end customers need?

2) Have an Optimised Website with DIgital Resources

Once you know more about who your audiences are and what they need, make sure your website is designed for function. Many B2B manufacturer websites can get muddled trying to talk to too many audiences at once, or aren’t technically sound with all the resources they need to provide to their dealers.

Everything on your website needs to be meaningful and actionable to your sales channel, otherwise they will get confused or frustrated and you will lose that sale.

>> Steps you can take to achieve this:

  • Perform user testing and get feedback - Do you know what users are actually doing on your website and what they like or what they are frustrated with?
  • Redesign your website or utilize a new platform - Streamline your design to make sure your users can easily complete actions or use new digital tools to help with complicated portals or resources.

3) Have an Active Digital Presence

Our final key point is to make sure you have an active presence wherever each of your audiences are. For example, we often see B2B manufacturers with a strong presence on trade websites so dealers know them really well, but they neglect social media so end customers don’t know much about them, and rely on dealers to educate end customers about the manufacturer’s brand.

End customers are doing more and more research, through at least a quick Google search and brief browse of websites and social channels on their phones. It’s not good enough to simply have your distributors or dealers love and sell your products, many times end customers already know exactly what they want. 

Make sure you make a good digital first impression for your end customers. This will help your distributors and dealers sell more of your product, which will in turn make them want to purchase more from you.

>> Steps you can take to achieve this:

  • Create a new social media strategy - Make sure you know what channels your audiences are using and create content that will resonate with them.
  • Engage with digital influencers - Do you have a presence in places your audiences are looking to for advice? This could be a review website, a discussion forum, or an individual’s Instagram feed.

Need help with the steps and questions we've mentioned? Let's talk - start by signing up for our free digital assessment, and let's get your company more sales!

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