Website Feedback Button

Website Feedback Button

All you need to know about giving feedback on your website
Web Design
July 1, 2022

You can send feedback directly to our design and development team by using the feedback button on your website.

Step 1

Look for the feedback button which can be found on the bottom left or right of your website.

Feedback button

Step 2

On the pop up select 'Report a bug', 'Feature request', or 'General feedback'.

Feedback popup

Step 3

Complete the feedback form by inputting your email address, choosing the priority, and adding comments. You can also add a screenshot and / or attach a file (see step 4)

Feedback fields

Step 4

Take a screenshot by clicking the square icon and drawing on the screen. You can also attache a file using the paperclip.

Screenshot and file attachment

Step 5

Click the 'Send feedback' button and your feedback will be sent to the team.

Send feedback

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