NRMA Carbon Offsets

Human Digital supported the design and development of the NRMA Carbon Offsets Program which enables customers to calcuate and offset their car's carbon emissions.
June 21, 2022
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NRMA Carbon Offset Program

Climate change is a huge problem to tackle. Our emissions matter and NRMA Insurance wanted to do something about it.

The NRMA Insurance Carbon Offset Program, supported by Tasman Environmental Markets, helps balance out estimated yearly driving emissions by contributing to investments in environmental projects that seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

By paying to offset emissions, customers can help get us on the road to a more sustainable future.

Human Digital

Human Digital worked with the IAG team to develop the business case, user journey, and service blueprint for the Carbon Offset experience. They also supported the pilot and guided UI, UX, and marketing.

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Ben van Rooy
Founder and Design Director